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gray houston back from manassas where election officials are considering some changes. >> when the polls closed at 7:00 in some precincts like the river oaks precinct at potomac middle school, many voters were still standing in line and they stayed in line until as late as a quarter to 11:00 to cast their votes. well, members of the county electoral board agree with president obama that is way too long. >> 6:15. >> reporter: the day after the electoral board is going over ballots to certify the result of tuesday's election which may take a couple days. >> this is where we go from the unofficial results you received last night to the official results that will show up on the state board of elections website in a few days. >> reporter: but fresh in everybody's minds are the long lines which we saw in other parts of virginia and the rest of the country as well. >> two hours 15 minutes from when i started to when i cast my vote. >> reporter: at mama mia's pizza restaurant it wasn't hard to find voters who spent the better part of their evening at a voting precinct. >> so i stood
to wait to ask for his resignation until after the election obviously to avoid some kind of embarrassment to give the other side some ammunition to create more controversy. >> kessler says since the general's resignation there's been lots of conspiracy theories thrown around including that his resignation had something to do with the consulate attack in libya. kessler says those rumors in his opinion are false. >>> defense company lockheed martin has fired its president and upcoming ceo over a relationship with a subordinate. 51-year-old christopher kubicik was scheduled to take the position in january, but now an interim president has been named. >>> the edge on maryland tonight, mount rainier police called in reenforcements from prince george's county to help patrol the streets after a big spike in home burglaries. there's been 19 break-ins in less than a month and two more attempts. fox 5's audrey barnes is in the newsroom tonight following the investigation. >> most of these break-ins have occurred during the day when no one is home. on tuesday a student off for election day helped po
state to explain why he lost the election. he said that the president was very loyal to democratic voters. the campaign focused on giving targeted groups big gift like college loan forgiveness and tree health care and child amnesty which appealed to hispanic voters. >>> a developing story. sheriff deputies shot and killed a man while trying to serve a peace order. karen gray lose ton is live at the scene in east riverdale with the latest. >> reporter: sheriff deputies and really anybody in law enforcement knows that any day they show up be dangerous and that was the case here this evening in this block of 63rd avenue in riverdale. deputies were here to investigate the shooting involving one of their own the deputy, a ten-year vet rant force came to 6312 63rd avenue to serve a temporary peace order or civil protection. a spokesperson for the sheriff's office says that the deputy was blind sided once he got into the home. >> a female subject allowed the deputy entry into the home. while talking to the female subject, a male subject appeared in the rear of the home displaying a firear
reform is going to be the solution. >> and to send the congress a message! >> reporter: as election day 2012 is in the books, latino voters say their newfound political capital will help them write a new chapter in elections to come. at the white house tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >>> a rare moment of raw emotion from president obama caught on tape. it happened yesterday when the president was thanking his campaign staff at the headquarters in chicago. >> you guys have done and the work that i'm doing is approved. i'm really proud of that. i'm really proud of all of you and -- and what you have -- [ cheering and applause ] >> the president told staffers many of whom are in their 20s that their lives' journey just beginning and that he knows many of them will accomplish great things. >>> a new bizarre beauty trend taking off in the u.s. coming up why women are paying hundreds of dollars to be slapped in the face. >> plus he was the cat's meow of the campaign. we'll tell you why hank should be proud of his performance in the virginia senate race coming up. check out the rundown. we're back
. eventually they will shut up and sit down and show up again the next election. >>> thousands of citizens in the lone star state want the obama administration to go it alone. >> let's just move the whole state to australia. >> reporter: texas governor rick perry raised the idea in 2009. he's since made clear he has no interest in it and does not support these petitions. texans have company in this idea as americans in more than 30 states are floating the plan on the white house website. >> i thought the civil war was over a couple hundred years ago almost, but i mean i'm not surprised. we're kind of individualistic here. >> reporter: oregon's petition has more than 10,000 signatures. so what's really motivating folks who want to opt out of america? >> it would be interesting to find out what they think the benefit would be. >> reporter: once any petition reaches 25,000 signatures in 30 days' time, it mandates a response from the obama administration, but the bottom line is this might be a good way for americans to air their frustrations, but the petitions carry no legal weight. >> it's
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5